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How courses are priced on Coding For

Kalob Taulien
Written by Kalob Taulien Updated 5 years, 1 month ago

There are 3 price points to consider on Coding For

  • Free courses
  • Single courses
  • All courses

Free Courses

Free courses are.. well.. free! For example, is a free Coding For course and all the videos are also available on our YouTube channel. These are courses with high value that we think everybody can learn from, and probably should learn from. We don't want people to be turned off by certain subjects.

Single Courses

All premium courses are priced at USD $7 each. It's an affordable price that compete with other market places. We're not trying to make a fortune, we're just trying to spread web development education. By keeping the price low we're letting more people around the world learn web development. Unfortunately we also have bills to pay, so not all courses can be free.

All Courses

We offer an "All Courses" deal where you can buy every premium course for USD $5 each. Say there are 3 courses you want and we currently offer 3 courses. You could buy all 3 for $7 each (totalling $21) or you can buy all courses for $15 ($5 each x 3 courses). We'll let you decide which option you want to choose, but we think giving people bulk access to education for a lower price is a good way to allow web developers to learn about other subjects without being worried about spending money.

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